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  Bull-Shark provides the best professional plumbing, drainage, and septic systems services for affordable prices in Northern Georgia. Check out what we do, consult with us, and get high quality work done by Bull-Shark! 

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  Our septic tank pumping service uses the latest technology. A team of specially trained technicians will take care of your job, so you don’t have to. Our experience and work provide an excellent opportunity to show your long list of satisfied clients.

  Along with septic tank installations and repair, we also provide routine maintenance to ensure your system is working smoothly.  We have all the equipment needed and can install any system quickly, creating minimal disruption. To minimize the risk of septic problems, take action now to address any issues you may already have.

  When it comes to your septic tank, emergencies need to be dealt with immediately. We stand behind what we do and make sure to walk you through every step of service, explaining what the problem is, how we’re approaching it and what’s being done to resolve it Act early to keep your septic system free from disruptions and costly repairs.

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